Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beautiful Bureau

I recently bought my first bureau from a lovely antique shop in Kent. This shop is FULL... litterally stuffed full of antiques! The minute I walked through the door I spotted the beautful bureau... I loved it! It took a total of two hours to convince my husband it was a good buy and I would make it look lovely! Finally with 10 mins before closing time we parted with the cash.

With a lick of paint or two and a pretty door knob from Zara home, it now sits in our hallway so many guests to our house can admire it!

Ahhh... our beautiful bureau :)


  1. Hello Mrs! YOU HAVE A BLOG!! A beautiful one at that. You're going straight into my feed reader. Love it.

    1. FYI it's Louise as in Lewis :0D

    2. Thanks Louise! Pleased you like it! Roll on maternity leave when I have more time to spend on it! :)